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Book 1 Available Now

The Cataclysm - Cover - Ebook.jpg

The world has never recovered from the Cataclysm a century ago. Though the fires have died, and the famines ran their course, the scars left behind blur the lines between right and wrong.


Caldera, one of the remaining great cities of the world, trembles as the balance of power shifts. Rivals maneuver to take control of the city and will stop at nothing to come out on top.

Asher, a mercenary mage, is given a job too big to refuse. He and his companions must navigate the city's landscape of corruption, betrayal, and political upheaval, or it’ll be their heads on the next contract. 


Short stories and custom illustrations start each chapter, telling tales of the Cataclysm from dozens of cultures and different perspectives.

Book 2 Available Now

The Spire - Cover - Ebook.jpg

Rival powers make their move and Caldera descends into chaos. As civil war looms, the real threat goes unchecked; the unthinkable has happened and a doorway to the other realm has been opened. A man-made catastrophe that could prove to be as deadly as the great Cataclysm all those years ago.

Unknown dangers follow Asher and the group as they travel into the Blasted Lands, but the horrors ahead may be more deadly than those they left behind. The group struggles with their own internal conflicts and each must figure out their own path in life before it’s too late and there is no world to return to.

Even fate cannot see the future for Caldera and enemies may need to work together to prevent the complete destruction of the city they’ve fought each other to rule. It’s possible that after all the dust settles, no one will come out on top.

Book 3 Available Now

The Ancients - Cover - Ebook.jpg

The towers have fallen, and the gate is closed. As Caldera settles and all eyes look outwards, something stirs in the heart of the Blasted Lands, something ancient.

Asher and the group travel in search of Dynia. The road is dangerous, many paths are crossed along the way, and there is no guarantee the mysterious homeland of the Dynians will even be there at the end.

Rumors spread of unexplainable events; the dead rising, people being possessed, and monsters of legend stalking the lands. The rumors grow in severity and frequency each day.

An unlikely figure must bring the world together to meet this new threat before it is too late.

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